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Mini orbital polisher kit!
9mm orbit - 75mm pad
Weighs only 770grams!!!!!!
Compact lightweight design reduces fatigue. 
Perfect for precision buffing - Thin panels and tight areas.
Small pad makes for precise control.
Smooth and quiet.
No trigger action required​.
Please be aware this is a mini, it will not do the same job as a 1400w or 1500w large polisher. it's designed for light use and small areas/objects.
The newdec pro polisher provides fast polishing action. 
Powered by a 12 volt lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack, it does 1000-3000rpm with variable operation speeds. 
Great for detailing the hard to reach areas of your motorbike, boat, car ect.
This compact orbital polisher is specifically designed for small, intricate body panels. Smooth and easy to hold onto.

Soft start & light weight.
Polish the most hardest to reach spots.
Get that expert finish at a fraction of the price!
Kit includes:

1 x mini orbital polisher machine
1 x 12v lithium-ion rechargeable battery
1 x battery charging dock
1 x velcro back up pad
1 x instruction manual
free 3" velcro lambs wool buff pad
free 3" velcro sanding pad
free 3" velcro orange hard buff pad
free 3" velcro white cloth pad
This 75mm orbital polisher is an excellent tool for any job. 

Tough design and guaranteed reliability.

This polisher is great for beginners to experts.

Reach all angles with this mini design. 

6 levels of speed

75mm velcro backed pad 

Great grip for maximum control