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A flow system airbrush SP-35 with a 0.35 mm nozzle set and a 2 ml fluid cup. 

  • Pressure On/Off switch of 25 psi/35 psi
  • Equipped with airbrush bleed valve & silverbullet airbrush moisture trap
  • Filter x 3
  • Braided airhose
  • Airbrush holder x 2 
  • Airbrush cleaning pot
  • Detachable power cord & plug
  • Pressure gauge
  • Zero- maintenance, oil-less piston air compressor

Intelligent Power: Featuring Sparmax Smart Technology, the Sparmax kit is perfect for the occasional and professional artist doing general airbrush applications. It's powerful, compact, reliable and quiet​. The sparmax compressor has a working pressure from 25 to 35psi, air flow is 0.53 cfm or 15 litres per minute. This unit weighs 2.6kg and comes with a braided air hose. The compressors dimensions are L19.2 x W12 x H18.5 cm

 Maximum Pressure: 35 PSI

-Air Flow 13-15 lpm (0.46 - 0.53 cfm)

· Compressor shuts itself off automatically when not in use

· Zero-maintenance, oil-less piston air compressor

· airbrush holder

· Protective Outer Case

· Moisture filter with Air Regulator and Gauge (also prevents pulsation)

· Bleed valve adjustment to release moisture

· High-strength braided hose fits Most airbrushes

· On/off switch

· Advanced Technology

· Less heat-related moisture build-up

· Produces full-capacity air on demand

· Reduces running time

· Less motor wear means longer compressor life

· Inherently quieter in public environments


SP-35 Sparmax Airbrush


  1. Allows greater control for blending and fading. By barely pulling the trigger you can create thin lines, up close to your project. By pulling the trigger all the way you can spray a wide area, holding the airbrush further away from your project.
  2. Most airbrush artists & craftsmen use this type of airbrush, because it's so versatile. Any project will be well served by a dual action airbrush, from small detailing to wide areas of paint.


Most airbrush artists like the dual action top fed models for fine details because they usually have more control over line widths and thicker paint viscosities.


The top fed airbrush requires less air pressure to spray the paint than a siphon fed airbrush; reducing some amount of overspray that is usually created with higher psi air pressure.