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Kit Includes:

1 x Orbital Polisher Machine 1000W 21mm
1 x Medium Pad Polishing/ light cutting (Yellow) 
1 x FREE Spare set of electric motor Brushes
1 x D Shape Handle
1 x Straight Handle
1 x 6" Hook and loop Back up pad - Screw on
1 x Allen Key
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x 1L Juice Swirl 
1 x 1L Juice Qcut
1 x 1L Juice Speed Wax
1 x 500ml Juice Dash rubber and vinyl care
1 x 500ml Juice show n shine 
1 x 500ml Juice Crystal Glass Cleaner
2 x Juice Dual Micro Fibre cloths
1 x 60L hard Case / Container 

150mm orbital polisher 1000 watts!  heavy duty bearings!
Polisher Weighs only 2.5kg!!!!!!
Rigorously tested by panel beaters & detailers

>​ Dual Action

> 21mm Throw (Orbit)

>​ Digital speed control

> Lock-on switch

> Soft grip on housing

> Side handle reversible right-left

> Front rubber grip

> Great for beginners and experts

> Random orbital movement reduces overall polishing time

> Soft Start

> 6 levels of speed

> Ergonomic double - shot rubber grip front and back

> 2 Handles Provided

> Intake Cover - Protect the motor from particles

​> 3 Meter Electric Lead to Get that Plug Away From your Project

Product specifications

Continuous Rating Input 1000w
Pad Size 150mm
Net Weight 2.5kg
No Load Speed 2000-5000r/min
Overall Lenght 420mm
Power Supply Cord - 3.0m - Aus plug

Get That Expert Finish!
This obrital polisher/buffer is our favourite pick, it features a powerful 1000 Watts Motor. Enough Power to get the toughest jobs done! 

The 1000w Polisher is Professional and will hold a Constant Speed Under Load & Pressure. 

In Other Brands this Quality would be 3 - 4 times the Price. 

Solid Design

Suitable for all kinds of polish jobs, with great cooling properties and easy access to pad changing. The kit also comes with the optional side handle, this provides extra grip and pressure in areas that a D handle can't. 

Juice swirl remover 1lt- Black swirl remover is designed to remove swirls from both fresh and cured paint surfaces. Black swirl remover leaves a deep high gloss wet look finish without the use of fillers, waxes or silicones.

Q-cut 1L-  is easy to use and easy to remove, significantly reducing buffing time.Q-cut removes 1500 and finer sand scratches 1st time, every time. Q-cut leaves a deep high gloss wet look finish without the use of fillers, waxes or silicones.

Speed wax 1L- nano technology is a High gloss liquid polish that uses nano technology to provide extended wax protection and dirt repelling properties on all paint surfaces

Dash rubber and vinyl care 500ml - protects and rejuvenates all vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces quickly and easily

Show’n shine 500ml- removes watermarks, fingerprints and blemishes from all paint surfaces enhancing gloss and protection.

Crystal glass cleaner 500ml - has an advanced formulation that cleans and shines fast while cutting through surface contaminants, leaving a smear free crystal clear finish.

Dual Micro Fibre Cloth - These highly absorbent, high quality microfibre cloths deliver swirl and scratch free performance.

60L container - Perfect to store all the goodies. Neat all in the one hard box.